Call Center Outsourcing

We excel in delivering dynamic call center outsourcing solutions in Kenya that empower businesses to provide extraordinary customer experiences and enhance operational efficiency.

With cutting-edge technology, a highly skilled team based in Kenya, and an unwavering commitment to customer-centricity, partnering with us ensures leveraging our expertise, industry-leading practices, and driving remarkable customer satisfaction.

Elevate your contact center capabilities, ignite growth, and unleash excitement with Bogner & Partners.

Call Centre Outsourcing Services in Kenya


All-encompassing contact center solutions that cover voice, email, live chat, social media, and beyond. Our goal is to deliver a seamless and customized customer experience across every channel.


Handling incoming customer inquiries, providing information, resolving issues, and offering assistance via phone, email, or live chat.


Making outbound calls to customers for various purposes such as surveys, follow-ups, sales, promotions, or appointment reminders.


Providing technical assistance to customers who are facing issues with products, services, or software applications.


Assisting customers with troubleshooting, problem-solving, and providing guidance related to technical or non-technical issues.


Conducting sales calls, promoting products or services, and generating leads or sales through outbound calling campaigns.


Managing customer orders, handling order inquiries, order tracking, and resolving any issues related to the ordering process.


Offering real-time support and assistance to customers through online chat platforms on websites or mobile applications.


Managing customer inquiries, complaints, or requests received via email or support ticket systems, and responding to them promptly.


Implementing automated voice response systems to handle customer inquiries, gather information, and direct calls to the appropriate departments.


Providing customer service and support in multiple languages (english, german, french) to cater to diverse customer bases.


Confidential reporting channel established to encourage individuals to disclose information regarding misconduct, unethical behavior, or illegal activities within the organization.
E-commerce Call Center Outsourcing

E-commerce Customer Support Outsourcing

In the e-commerce  industry, customer support is key in addressing order inquiries, handling product returns, and providing assistance throughout the shopping journey. Effective support boosts customer confidence and fosters repeat business.
  • Order inquiries - Responsive support helps shoppers at every step of their purchase journey, from browsing products to finalizing customers' order.
  • Product returns - Easy and efficient returns handling is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Assistance - Providing support throughout the shopping journey helps shoppers feel confident in their purchases and encourages repeat business.
Customer Support in Hospitality

Hospitality Customer Support Outsourcing

Excellent customer support in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments leads to positive reviews, guest loyalty, and increased bookings. It involves handling room reservations, addressing guest requests, and resolving any complaints promptly.
  • Reservations and check-in assistance - Providing personalized and friendly support during the check-in process fosters guest satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Guest requests and room service - Prompt handling of guest requests and efficient room service contributes to excellent guest experiences.

  • Complaint resolution - Addressing guest complaints promptly and empathetically fosters positive.

Banking & Finance

Customer support in banks ensures quick resolution of disputes, clarifies account queries, and aids in fraud prevention, building trust and loyalty among customers.
  • Transaction disputes - Addressing customer concerns around transaction disputes ensures they feel secure in their use of financial services.

  • Account-related queries - Helping customers navigate their accounts and understand their financial status is key in building trust and loyalty.

  • Fraud prevention - Effective customer support can identify and resolve suspicious activity, protecting both customers and the institution.


Customer support in the telecom industry provides assistance with billing inquiries, network issues, and technical problems. By delivering prompt and reliable support, businesses can reduce churn rates and encourage customer retention.
  • Billing inquiries - Support in billing inquiries helps customers understand their bills, set up autopay, and resolve payment issues.

  • Network issues - Support in network issues helps customers access uninterrupted service and ensure consistent connectivity.

  • Technical problems - Effective support can help users troubleshoot issues with their devices or software, ensuring seamless telecommunications experiences.


Customer support in healthcare is vital for scheduling appointments, handling inquiries, and addressing billing or insurance, leading to improved patient satisfaction and better healthcare outcomes.
  • Appointment scheduling - Efficient scheduling and follow-up support ensure patients receive the care they need in a timely manner.

  • Medical inquiries - Providing reliable support in medical inquiries can reduce anxiety and promote positive health outcomes.

  • Billing and insurance - Handling billing and insurance matters in a patient-oriented way establishes trust and patient satisfaction.


Customer support in education aids in enrollment, course selection, and online platform issues, enhancing the learning experience and student success.
  • Enrollment assistance - Providing support throughout the enrollment process helps students make informed decisions and feel confident in their choices.
  • Course selection - Assisting students with course selection based on their goals and aspirations boosts student success rates and satisfaction.
  • Technical support - Efficient resolution of technical issues in online learning platforms helps students maximize their learning experience.


Customer support in the automotive sector assists with vehicle maintenance, warranty inquiries, and service-related concerns.
Excellent support fosters brand loyalty and encourages repeat vehicle purchases.
  • Vehicle maintenance - Assisting customers with vehicle maintenance and prompt service contributes to repeat business and brand loyalty.

  • Warranty inquiries - Effective handling of warranty inquiries fosters positive customer relationships and repeat business.

  • Service-related concerns - Efficient resolution of service-related concerns ensures customer satisfaction and trust in the brand.


Customer support is key in the insurance industry for policy-related inquiries, claims processing, and dispute resolution. It establishes
trust between the insurer and the policyholder.
  • Policy-related inquiries - Providing prompt and reliable answers to policyholders assists them in making informed decisions about their coverage.

  • Claims processing - Efficient and compassionate handling of claims can make a significant impact on policyholder loyalty and retention.

  • Dispute resolution - Addressing disputes with policyholders in a constructive and collaborative way fosters positive relationships and trust.


Enhances 24/7 customer support, reduces costs, and improves efficiency by utilizing specialized expertise by allowing airlines to focus on core business areas, with support handled by trained professionals.
  • Flight Booking and Rescheduling Services: Helping passengers book, change, or cancel flights, allowing for a more flexible and convenient travel experience.
  • Maintenance and Technical Support: Provide support for aircraft maintenance and technical issues. This includes immediate response services for aircraft repairs and troubleshooting, essential for both safety and functionality.
  • Lost Luggage and Customer Complaints Handling: Manage lost or delayed luggage, handle customer complaints, and provide necessary compensation or support, ensuring a satisfactory travel experience.

What are the benefits to outsourcing call center?

Outsourcing your call center to Bogner & Partners provides several benefits, including helping you save time and money and improving customer satisfaction, which enhances customer retention. Below are the primary benefits you’ll get from call center outsourcing.

  • Save Costs - An outsourced call center manages your call operations. So, call center outsourcing will help you save the money you would otherwise use for office rent, infrastructure costs, equipment purchases, facility maintenance, technology investment and hiring and training customer service agents. However, according to Harvard Business School, outsourcing is the opportunity to achieve so much more than just reduce cost. It's a tool that can drive strategic value, transform your business & fundementally change industry dynamics. 
  • Improve Customer Experience - Customers enjoy getting their queries answered and issues resolved whenever they want. Since there’s a dedicated team to serve customers 24/7 throughout the year, customers get round-the-clock support, which local businesses can hardly handle on their own. Even when your business is closed for the day, call center outsourcing ensures you don’t miss out on opportunities.
  • Provides Access to Expert Support - Call center outsourcing comes with a network of well-trained support staff that can handle customer needs. These agents are trained with the technical ability to enhance customer relationships and they can handle queries with speed. Also, call centers have access to data and advanced tools for analytics, which can aid your customer growth and general business development.
  • Enhance Customer Retention - With call center outsourcing, your company extends its customer support to a broader group, thereby increasing your lead generation and customer conversion. Since call center agents are more available and sometimes indigenous to your customers, you will be able to attend to more customers in a manner they expert, which improves your customer relationship and keeps customers loyal to your brand. Also, you will gain more qualified leads and increase your profits as a company.

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